Hello Everyone,

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Roos Van Velthoven -

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is well.
I used to juggle a lot as a kid and as a teenager until school became too demanding. I'm looking into getting back into it.
Just wondering if there is anyone on here that lives around Preston, Lancashire?
Juggling is always more fun if done together and it would be amazing to have some juggling friends near me :)

I am a bit rusty so please be prepared for some ball drops...

Also on a side note, I am studying neuropsychology and I'm looking into doing a study which involves the brain and juggling. If anyone is interested please let me know :)



Daniel Simu - - Parent

Welkom Roos!

_Tommy - - Parent

Hi Roos

I live in the south, but any questionnaire/ research I am able to help with I will. Count me in!

It's hard finding people who juggle, you could teach someone enthusiastic to practice with possibly!

You may find somewhere in the 'CLubs' section at the top within driving distance to attend weekly, or start your own society at Uni!


mike.armstrong - - Parent

Hi Roos,
Depending on your transport you might want to check out Lancaster University who had a strong club last year (though with uni clubs you can never tell if they'll survive from one year to the next!) and also Blackpool Tower Circus who set up a juggling club a few years ago...I'm not sure if that's still going.
Also Durham Convention (actually in Barnard Castle, so not as far as it sounds!) https://jugglingedge.com/event.php?EventID=4864 is coming up this month, and there's also Leeds Convention in November.

Hoppity - - Parent

"Some ball drops"? Ha! I too am getting back into juggling and I spend half my time picking up the balls.

If you're interested in the effects of starting juggling again at 70 then I'm happy to contribute.



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