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Tips on learning 2 ball cascade any body have a good video on 2 ball cascade as It's weird for me! and my question is once you throw a ball and it hits it's top on the arch does the second ball you throw go over the first or under when going to the other hand and which hand is better to start on left or right for a right handed person and a tutorial on hand motions in cascade!

Kelhoon - - Parent

under = cascade

over = reverse cascade

do whatever is easiest for you to learn at first, do the other later

alternate starting hands i.e. start with the right hand, then start with the left, then right, then left

I think doing it that way will make it easier when you add the 3rd ball, once you are doing 3 balls, you will find it easiest to start with 2 balls in your dominant hand, but you will benefit from learning to start from either hand


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