So I am am a 15 year old juggler and at an event a farmer mentioned to me about…

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Adam Hellman -

So I am am a 15 year old juggler and at an event a farmer mentioned to me about how he had a fall festival and how I could entertain the guests. I'm still learning about the opportunity it would be my first time performing for anyone, I think he wants me to just walk around juggling(and unicycling) to entertain people waiting in lines and stuff. I'm not sure if I want to take the opportunity because the festival is on September 30th and I am no where near ready to perform for more than 5 mins max. I can juggle clubs but I got them like a week ago so I'm not very good at many tricks I can do some 3 ball and 4 ball tricks. I can get up to 40 catches of 5 balls but my average is probably like 15 so if I do take the opportunity should I spend a lot of time learning 5 or focus on 3 and 4 ball tricks for the next 14 days. I don't even know if I should do it because I don't want to keep dropping every 30 seconds. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions for performing or if I should even do it. You can see my exact skill level on Instagram my account is @hellman_juggling
Thanks for any tips you can give me

Adam Hellman - - Parent

Also I forgot to mention how much do you think I should try to charge for this

TreePine - - Parent

0.00 juggling should be a free sport that you show for the fun of it!

mike.armstrong - - Parent


TreePine - - Parent

it's a sport to enjoy not charge!

charlieh - - Parent

Juggling isn't a sport.

Little Paul - - Parent

If it’s not a sport what is it? An Art?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

For me, it's always been much more of an art than a sport. Nothing wrong with some healthy competitiveness though.

Orinoco - - Parent

Well juggling does not feed on organic matter, or have any sense organs to respond to stimuli so it is definitely not an animal.

Juggling does not absorb water & photosynthesises so it is not a plant either.

To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, If you eliminate all impossibilities then whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Therefore the only conclusion is that juggling is a mineral.

Little Paul - - Parent

Best answer ever

The Void - - Parent


charlieh - - Parent

Yes! You can certainly refine it :)

Mike Moore - - Parent


7b_wizard - - Parent

Or, nowadays, it could then also be an internet.

Monte - - Parent

Juggling is,
highly addictive
encouraged by peer pressure
likely to make you giggle in public parks

Therefore juggling is a drug

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Free at the point of use, yes; free as in lunch, no, not unless you choose to. Performing to people who get to see you for nothing is splendid; doing so when you get nothing, not so much.

Adam, you should probably choose a nominal sum, say fifteen bucks. This is enough to make sure that your farmer realises that you value your time and effort, and perhaps he should too, but so little that no one can really complain about gouging or whatever. Some of my first gigs were at that sort of price point.

A few years down the line when you know what you're doing that'll be three or four or five hundred dollars. And if (if!!) you reach the levels of Anthony Gatto or The Passing Zone you'll be looking at four or even five digits per appearance.

Good luck. And whatever you do, enjoy yourself, and be sure to show everyone how much fun you're having, it'll rub off on them.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Being a walkabout performer at an event is more about having a nice costume and being a fun and approachable person than about having loads of material. You can probably get away with just a 3b cascade for hours on end, I mean stiltwalkers get away with just walking and they seem to do fine!

If you're interested and excited about performing, do it, no matter what he is able to pay you. If he has some budget, you can ask for something between 10-50, but better ask him what he had in mind. Or even better perhaps make him pay for your costume and leave it at that!! The less you ask, the less you need to stress about your abilities n stuff.

Make sure you agree to do sets of no longer than 3 minutes, 3 or 4 times max during the whole event. And enjoy it!

Good luck

Adam Hellman - - Parent

About the costume I don't think I have anything, what type of costumes do you think would work?

mike.armstrong - - Parent

First you should confirm what he wants and whether you want to do that!
Then, if your assumptions are correct, you should probably spend the next 14 days ignoring new tricks and writing a couple of 1-2 minute routines that are engaging and interesting (and preferably funny) so that you can approach people, ask them if you can show them something, deliver a bit that you know and trust and leave them happy and entertained. Don't steal whole routines from other jugglers (or YouTube), but using ideas from lots of sources counts as "research", not "stealing" ;o)
The costume probably depends on the material. What sort of farm is it? Does he grow, for example, apples that you could juggle? Could you pull off a comedy-farm-worker character? If not you just need something a little out of the ordinary to show that you're supposed to be there entertaining them and you're not just a punter with some props...

Dee - - Parent

This is excellent, practical advice.

Little Paul - - Parent

Don’t overthink the “costume” *all* you’re aiming for is something that makes you look like you’re not an audience member. If it’s your first gig, you don’t need to overthink character either. Go simple!

The rest is solid, sound advice but misses one simple thing out.

Remember to try and have fun!

If it’s fun, it’ll show! If it’s fun you’ll do it again. If you do it again you’ll get better! If you get better at performing you’ll have more fun!

Never forget, that no matter what your juggling skill level, you are more skilled at it than the vast majority of your audience!


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