Greetings all.

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Hoppity -

Greetings all.

Old guy, living in the shadow of the Malvern Hills. Used to juggle a bit with my kids, who always overshadowed me with their effortless ability to pick up new stuff. Recently opened a drawer and felt a rush when I saw a whole nest of balls. I remembered it used to be fun and for the last few weeks I've been practicing every morning.

I'm useless, getting marginally better and loving every (90)minutes of it – even putting on some muscle. I only decided to join here because I saw that there were other people on the site who are honest enough to admit that they're not superstars!


...and thanks to Orinoco for the work this must take.

The Void - - Parent

Hey Hoppity,
Welcome (back) onboard the good ship Juggler!

Monte - - Parent

Goes to show you are never too old to be an ex-juggler.


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