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TreePine -

How do you delete messages/threads I suck at this ui and what to know for general knowledge!

Maria - - Parent

It is not possible to delete or edit messages or threads in this forum.

The Void - - Parent, when you're replying or starting a thread, it's always a good idea to hit "Preview", and read what you wrote, and check fot typos, etc, before pressing "Post".

Hoppity - - Parent

> check fot typos

Love it! ;-)


The Void - - Parent


lukeburrage - - Parent

This “feature” is a large part of why I don’t join in more discussions here.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

... and to your credit you're the kind of gobby mofo who has no compunction in saying so. I dread to think how many other people are just silently put off by this.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Once you hit post it's there for all eternity..


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