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TreePine -

good house hold items to use for juggling can't be outdoor stuff i.e. apples or foods (I started juggling with socks then tried apples in the backyard and a bunch of weird stuff and am looking for good things to juggle with must be heavier than socks as I am now not used to socks it's weird, I tried 250ml bottles but the weird plastic part chipped my nails and caused me to bleed so I gave up on that!)

david - - Parent

discarded tennis balls - one cm slit in the sesm line - add riice, beans, whatever to get a weight you like. No tennis balls - wrap the rice in a small plastic bag and put that in the socks

david - - Parent

seam line

charlieh - - Parent

If you can find some balloons these can be used to make pretty durable juggling balls. Weigh out 100 grams or so of rice, birdseed or something similar, put it into a small plastic bag and tie it off. Cut off the neck of a balloon and push the filled plastic bag inside. Repeat with another balloon to cover the hole. If you're careful they can be made a very consistent weight and shape. Other ideas: sink plungers, squash/badminton/tennis racquets, Aerobies...if it flies, you can juggle it :)


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