Shower sucks don't learn shower if you are a noob this will probably set your…

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TreePine -

Shower sucks don't learn shower if you are a noob this will probably set your juggling skill back by 7 hours as once you have mastered 2 ball shower (10 catches or more) then sucks you have to learn cascade good notice to beginners!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Preach on, brother/sister!

Monte - - Parent

Damn. First pattern I learned was the shower.
I always wondered what kept my juggling back.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Did you learn the shower in both directions before learning cascade?
I wonder has anyone ever learned box (or any other pattern) as their very first?

Monte - - Parent

No I taught myself to shower leading with my right hand (took one night, about 6 hours) the following morning someone explained the cascade to me and I learnt it in about 10 minutes

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

That's quick for both, much more so than me anyway. Are you left handed? I was wondering if your shower throw was the practice for your weaker side of the cascade.

Monte - - Parent

No I'm right handed.
I taught myself the shower because I didn't know any other pattern.
Same when I learned 4 clubs in singles, I just assumed that doing it in doubles was harder.
There were no internet tutorials back then and I didn't have a computer anyway...

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Interesting. So what did you learn after the cascade? Shower the other side?

Monte - - Parent

I think it was dropping one ball then kicking it back into the pattern.

Orinoco - - Parent

7 hours isn't much of a hardship!

But yes, a 2 ball shower is a hard habit to break for someone just starting out in juggling that isn't used to breaking habits.

A non-juggler sees a juggler with 3 balls running continuous patterns. Naturally the beginner who can't do 3, will try 2 balls & the 2 ball shower is the natural choice because it is more of a rolling pattern whereas the 2 ball exchange has a beginning, a pause & an end. I wonder if you only performed stop-start/claymotion style tricks to an absolute beginner would they be less inclined to instinctively gravitate to a 2 ball shower?

& welcome to the Edge!


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