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Surprises at #Altern8. After having a short-notice ninja comedy gig on "the wrong day" on Saturday, last night we had a surprise visit from an erstwhile God Emperor. Next week we are closed due to the shock of it all. (Well, okay, actually because a good propotion of us will be at #Broxford2018.) Back to our version of normal on Sept 24th.

Unexpected comedy gig organisation with 2hrs notice? No problem! @MitchBenn rocked the hall (& the pub). 13 satisfied ninja-gig punters. :-)
— The Void ザ・ヴォイド (@TheVoidTLMB) September 8, 2018

Surprise attendee at #Altern8 #juggling club tonight. (And no comedians!) #ClosedNextMonday #Bristol #IJDb @colineberhardt
— The Void ザ・ヴォイド (@TheVoidTLMB) September 10, 2018


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