Just qualified 4 ball sync pistons.

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Sergei -

Just qualified 4 ball sync pistons. (not flash, but qualify) Accidently (?). Funny that I am not able to do any 4 b fountains or columns)) Dear gyus, who helped me with useful advices, please accept my deep gratitude for coaching me ))

Guili - - Parent

great sergei! congrats!
now remember, anything you couldn't do yet, like the fountain or so, is you carrot at the end of the stick :) use it to move forward! keep it up!

Sergei - - Parent

My guess that tossing balls using biceps mostly is not natural for my body. My coordination is better with movements like pushing forward or triceps extention ("french press"). So I am expecting 4 ball fountains (sync) in over-the-head position coming next. Doing over-the-head 4 b flashes is pretty easy for me today. It makes me pretty unusual beginner )) IWith my MD backgroud it is like taking tonsils out using the anus as surgical entrance ))


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