So I think I am going to buy a diablo but I don't want to spend more than like…

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Adam Hellman -

So I think I am going to buy a diablo but I don't want to spend more than like $30 I realize I won't get an amazing diablo for that much money it would just be for fun, do you have any suggestions on a brand or a specific diablo I should get.

furlisht - - Parent

You can already have a professional grade diabolo for 30-40$! My suggestion would be the Evo G2 or G3 from the brand Sundia, or the Epic from the brand A-Dream. Both are excellent and you can't go wrong with either of them!

I'd suggest picking one without bearings. You'll learn the basics better without bearing. You'll need to perform the correct movements to make tricks, but it's worth your time! Also, learning your first tricks in diabolo is really easy so you shouldn't be disappointed!


Adam Hellman - - Parent

How you said I should get one without bearings I know bearing make it more expensive but is it easier to control without bearings

furlisht - - Parent

You are right, bearings make it easier to control the diabolo. There are two schools of thought, some say you need to start without bearing, others don't mind but say you need at one point to know both styles. No bearing will make your tricks look more slow, bearings "force" you to do your tricks faster. Some tricks are impossible to do without bearing and the reverse is also true. Stuff like elevators are impossible with bearing due to the technology of the axle.

The price range for a good diabolo without bearing is ~30-40$, a good bearing diabolo is more ~60-80$.

I'd suggest if possible to test both to make your opinion.


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