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Guili -

Hi there! I need some help with where and wich henry's clubs to buy.
The thing is, here in Argentina they don't sell henry's... so I wanted to ask you guys where is the cheapest place to buy some henry's clubs (that will ship to argentina) and wich model should i buy.
I saw pirouette, dolphin, aand some other names I don't recall...
So, any advice is welcome! :)

The Void - - Parent

Which ones have you tried?

Guili - - Parent

a really long time ago, I tryed a set of henry's.but I don't even know wich type they were...
basing on what I saw online, I'm thinking to buy the pirouette, but if you can give me more data, cool!

The Void - - Parent

Generally, I'd recommend not buying clubs that you haven't tried. Lots of people like the pirouette, so that would be the most popular choice. Personally, the Mirage is the only Henry's club I like, although I much prefer Renegades (95s, long handle, light weight, unwrapped). If you have the chance to go to a convention near you, and ask to try other people's clubs, then definitely do that.

Guili - - Parent

yeah.. I know it's not ideal... but the thing is I live in a small town in patagonia... not many chances to ask someone to lend me a henry's set.. :) thanks]!


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