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_Tommy -

Hi Everyone,

I'm a new member, and quite new to juggling, (about 3 months).
I have am practising 5 balls and the best I have done is a qualify so far, but am enjoying learning lots of 3 and 4 ball tricks.
In addition I have learned the basics of clubs and rings, and just starting out going to some juggling /circus events in the UK.
My goal is to get a solid 5 ball cascade (100 catches) in the next few months, hopefully before, and make a small routine for something up coming in September.

There seems like a lot of nice members/ good threads on the forum, Nice to join the Community!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi there & welcome!

Maria - - Parent

Hello Tommy, welcome!

Nice... I don't practice 5 balls enough, I have been juggling for almost eight years and still never done more than 7 catches. Probably because I find clubs more fun than balls, I actually did my first 5 club flash before my first 5 ball flash. I do it more often with balls than with clubs now though.

_Tommy - - Parent

That's Incredible Maria!

The thought of 5 clubs seems so daunting in comparison to 5 balls.

I like taking the balls with me wherever I go, taking clubs needs a bit more ceiling height and can be a burden to carry.
I'm surprised you don't warm up with balls or anything, do you just club juggle then ?

Maria - - Parent

Yes, I find 5 clubs really difficult, I kind of gave up on that for now and thought I should learn five balls first. Only thing is, I prefer to spend my juggling time doing 4-club tricks. That is, unless I have a passing partner, in that case I prefer club passing.

Balls are definitely easier to bring, and I do juggle balls when I don't have my clubs nearby. For example, I bring my balls to work most days, but I only bring the clubs on the days I have juggling practise after work. Now, I don't always use the balls, but sometimes I go out on the lunch break. I also juggle balls sometimes in my apartment, when the weather isn't that good for juggling outdoors.

If I am indoors with high ceiling or outdoors with nice weather and I have my clubs, I'm not likely to juggle balls. I warm up with some easy 3-club juggling, then I do 4 clubs, then club passing if I have someone to pass with.

So, yeah. I checked my juggling log and it seems like less than 10% of my juggling time is ball juggling. That is still enough to be better at 5 balls than at 5 clubs, even if it just means that I have a much higher success rate at the flash attempts. I am better at 4 clubs than at 4 balls though, more solid fountain, higher personal record. (More than half of my juggling time is club passing, but that includes conventions where I barely do any solo juggling at all.)

_Tommy - - Parent

I find it really interesting that you're so drawn to clubs and passing, passing looks really fun, I can't wait to try some day! I've always thought of juggling as a solo activity really.
I also see the appeal to 4 objects, 4 with rings, balls and clubs seems like a nice middle ground between numbers and lots of technical/ fun tricks!

Thanks again for saying hi, I wish you all the best with your juggling!

Maria - - Parent

Well, I think most activities are more fun with friends than alone, so that is probably why I like club passing. I started juggling regularly after seeing people passing torches and wanting to be able to do that. (Before that, I had learned 3-ball cascade but nothing else.)

Thank you, I wish you the same!


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