I think I am going to get some zeekio Pegasus juggling clubs.

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Adam Hellman -

I think I am going to get some zeekio Pegasus juggling clubs.
what color should I get. Is one color better for the audience to see, is one easyier to see while juggling what would you say is the best crowd pleaser.
Thanks for the help

DavidCain - - Parent

Get some better clubs. The investment will be worth it.

Adam Hellman - - Parent

I just don't really want to much more money the pegusas is already pushing my buget. what brand would you recomend?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Henry's or play, the only clubs really worth considering...

Daniel Simu - - Parent

When in doubt about color, pick white. When in doubt about type and your budget is limited, pick px3 from play. When in doubt and your budget is not limited get henrys pirouette...
Juggling is a cheap hobby, these clubs can last you over 10000 hours of practise!

Adam Hellman - - Parent

Both of those are out of my budget really I would prefer like $30 for all 3 of them so $40 for pegusas are already more then I would prefer

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Have you considered buying used? I have a set of Beard Circus clubs for sale (USA).

If you are buying new I strongly suggest you spend a little more, there will be a big jump in quality. Higher quality clubs are much easier and comfortable to juggle.

lukeburrage - - Parent

The advice about getting better props is actually about making you a better juggler. Unlike, say, photography where an amateur won’t get anything good out of a more expensive camera compared to a cheaper one, with juggling equipment that isn’t the case.

For example, a cheap diabolo is with used string is frustrating to learn with, as you’ll spend most of your time struggling to control it, and the string will bind up and snag all the time. The best way to make someone give up diabolo is to buy them a cheap one as a gift.

With clubs, it’s quite similar. If you buy cheap clubs, without good quality handles and knobs and ends, you’re setting yourself up for uncomfortable frustration while learning. It means you’ll spend less time juggling the clubs, and just won’t improve very much and at any good rate.

If you can’t afford a set of three nice PX3 or Pirouettes now, I’d suggest saving for 6 months and then buying a set. They will last you years of *hard* practice. If you buy the cheap ones, not only will they not last, but you won’t want to put in the hard practice anyway, and in 6 months you won’t bother juggling clubs any more.

david - - Parent

You might like to build your own.


I have a set of these and they are fine for practice and performing solo. The major drawback is passing with other people who expect your clubs to be like theirs.


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