So I have been working on my 5 ball cascade a lot lately and I was getting like…

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Adam Hellman -

So I have been working on my 5 ball cascade a lot lately and I was getting like 8-13 catches like 75% of the time and 25% of the time I was getting like 15 catches then all of a sudden I was practicing and I got like 35 catches and it shocked me my previous best was like 19 catches then on my next attempt I got like 30 catches. So just out of no where i started getting 15-20 catches like 50% of the time And like 25% percent will be 20+ catches.
My question is has something like this happened to you it is just weird, it just clicked then I could sort of do it

The Void - - Parent

Well done! Keep going.
I had a similar experience. After always having struggled with "flourish every club under doubles", I tried it after not having done so for a while, and found I could do it just fine.

7b_wizard - - Parent

You  ° s h o c k e d °  yourself, haha, cool! And great question!

( I'm not sure when this last happened to me - maybe it was when doing the upside down box peripherally while watching the last soccer world championship, maybe when doing 5b reverse cascade last winter - there is that moment whenceon it just rolls. Else, I'm too much doing at my limits where it's not easy to get a breakthrough like that - I'm happy with any few throws above PR or raising my average. )

I guess, that moment is, when you find into the right perfect rhythm, the right ratio of height per given beat (or, same vice versa, beatspeed per given height) paired with aiming well, that allows for the pattern and your movements to snap in. Your movements, body-motion, your handling, like thrust (incl. any lever from wrists and forearm), scoop (incl. dwelltime), hands circling, body and arm posture, all as one suddenly synchronize with the physical requirements of alltogether, like height and beat, angles, frontplane, pattern shape, position relative to your body, of the pattern. All your skills and correcting skills, and perceptions, and possible and required focusses learned, suddenly all realize in or manifest themselves into a smooth, nimble pattern and adoing.

Guess, it's also got something to do with letting loose, not doing wantingly to strongly, but kind 'a being ready to ``slave´´ to the pattern, being able to do it in an as relaxed as possible way (without pumping it unto an unavoidable collapse). All this can most apparently only happen when your skills, what you learned, your pattern have automized a good deal and are ripe for it to happen - it then falls like ripe fruit :oD

In your case, seen from previous 8-13 catches of 5b, there's also the aspect of getting over flashing a lot before, which is notably different for doing with full hands a lot at launch and at collect (let alone a poor practising rhythm interrupted by having to pick up drops a good deal of the time).

Maybe, part of such a success is also to get over having gotten into a certain rut (like your few throws past a flash at first), to overcome any inner rhythms established from trying on and on again, and to intend to do a special or better or longer or well-in-rhythm or very nice one run, .. right  n o w  (the moment before launching).

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7b_wizard - - Parent

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