Manchester Juggling Convention....Back in Court!

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Ian F -

Manchester Juggling Convention....Back in Court!

If I could crave your indulgence and take this opportunity to remind you that next Saturday (1st September) is the return of The Manchester Juggling Convention...On Tour!

In addition to a days juggling at a lovely (air conditioned) venue, we have a growing list of workshops including club swinging and passing, we also have a couple of add-ons. Firstly an evening social that includes an informal show (confirmed so far...Lina Vazquez, Dave Kelly, Jamie Fletcher and Magic Jonathan!) and after, limited crash space available Saturday night. (Please contact me directly if you are interested in the crash space. See contact details on the event page.)

If you would like to volunteer a workshop or perform in the show please contact us or see us at reg desk and we'll fit you in. (That's if we don't find you first and twist your arm!)

As you were and thank you. ;-)



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