Happy I'm a juggler.

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Mike Moore -

Happy I'm a juggler.

I was eating ice cream a couple days ago and one of the scoops "broke" (a fault plane appeared - I guess it wasn't a continuous scoop), resulting in the three scoops to plummet toward the ground.

Of course, I caught the scoops and put them back on the cone. And washed my hands when I was finished that snack.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Was the third scoop returned to the cone via a shoulder throw for extra ta-da ness?

Mike Moore - - Parent

Haha, more of a quick placement of "I want this ice cream out of my hand as soon as possible"!

Guili - - Parent

haha good one!
I know that feeling very well! I guess we all Had many saves thanks to our juggling skills.
But this one was fantastic:
The other day I was on stage, with a bunch of musicians, playing an argentinian folk song. So, I had this wooden drum called "bombo leg├╝ero" that you play with 2 sticks.
the thing is... after like 2 measures from starting... one of my sticks hits the other, making it slip from my fingers! so, in that microsecond I saw the stick fliping in the air... I threw my hand at it... And I caught it! then I kept playing like nothing happend... hahaha!!

The Void - - Parent


I was sat on the sofa in my friend's house. My brain suddenly told me: "Something's moving!" I stuck my hand up. There was a Mars bar in it, that he'd just thrown at me. Whoah, cool! :-)

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Jedi skills. Like a spider, feeling the vibrations on the cosmic web.


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