Leicester has a juggling club, hurrah!!

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Cedric Lackpot -

Leicester has a juggling club, hurrah!!

I've kind of known about this for a few weeks, but now it's official - we have a new juggling club commencing 3rd September at the Y Theatre on East Street, nearby the railway station. It will run from 6-8 and is on a pay what you can basis, suggested contribution £3.

Not only that, I didn't have to do any of the leg work! Some young whippersnappers have taken up the cudgels on behalf of superannuated codgers like me, secured at least a year's funding, and all I have to do is turn up ... and bring the occasional tight wire or two.

Happy dance!

Mïark - - Parent

hashtagging #LeicesterJugglers

Kelhoon - - Parent


juggling clubs FTW !

The Void - - Parent



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