CATCH 2018 – The Cumbrian Juggling Convention (UK)

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JonPeat -

CATCH 2018 – The Cumbrian Juggling Convention (UK)

Hi Everyone,

I went along to CATCH, it was great, you can read about my menu choices (and other less relevant things) here:

Cheers, Jon

DavidCain - - Parent

Thanks for the kind words about my show, the Old Skool Panel, and my promo quote!
David Cain

charlieh - - Parent

Great review Jon (as ever).

Thanks for the mention of Jamie & I's contraption, after learning much from this prototype Jamie will be attempting to build a new, self-contained version that is more likely to be possible for normal human beings...we will also try and build some more things at some point, it's fun.

For those of you who didn't make it to Catch (and there were only a couple of hundred of us there) you unfortunately managed to miss one of the best conventions I've ever been to. Shows galore of extremely high quality; extra events like the Old School and Juggling History show that were fantastic for those of us interested in juggling history and anecdotes (holding Cinquevalli's cannon ball was a particular highlight, as was chatting over beers with Kris Kremo); flawless organisation and ability to work around things outside one's control by Rosie, her family and friends; Monte's food of course (although sadly we didn't get a chance to eat much of it due to moany children); friends galore; a library full of books and comics for our two (I think they spent at least a few hours in there every day while we could get on with other things), all surrounded by amazing places to visit (during the week we climbed a hill, swam in a Lake, jumped off waterfalls, visited Hadrian's Wall and enjoyed Appleby itself, including watching The Greatest Showman in a pop-up cinema in town.

Rosie of course should be congratulated and thanks to everyone else who worked so hard. Nice one!

Rosie - - Parent

thanks everyone *blushes*

It was pretty fun wasnt it!


#catch20 .........????

Monte - - Parent

I only got home a few days ago. I managed to squeeze in 23 castles, two Roman forts, Hadrian's wall, two stone circles, two henges and a 12th century priory.
Plus a 60' working Trebuchet.

Mïark - - Parent

hashtag #catch2018

The Void - - Parent

Nice review, as ever, Jon, thanks.
It was not Rob's first time compèring. Although I heard other people saying it was, so perhaps he had been.... ahem... fostering that illusion for sympathy? *showbiz!*
I emailed you not long after the convention, by the way. Check your spam folder, or email me if you didn't get it. Or reply if you did, please.

Little Paul - - Parent


I'm SO annoyed!

I've just found my copy of the Kris Kremo book, the book that I tried to find before catch. I wanted to bring it along for Kris to sign, but couldn't find it so I had assumed I was mistaken in thinking I had a copy.

The bloody thing was on the wrong bookshelf, it was in with my gardening books not with the juggling books for some inexplicable reason.

So I guess - "Yay! I do own a copy" but "Boooo! It's not a signed copy"

Orinoco - - Parent

Also: "Yay, you're going to have to meet Kris again!"


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