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DavidCain -

Did anyone record the Juggling History Show at CATCH. The angle of my video is horrible. Void?
David Cain

The Void - - Parent

Sorry, I just took photos. I'll let you have the best ones once I get to "sorting out Catch photos" on my to-do list.

Little Paul - - Parent

I seem to remember you saying something at the beginning of the JHS that said not to video it, but to take as many photos as you like...

Super nice to meet you BTW, hope you made your flight home in time! I heard you got stuck in loads of traffic.

DavidCain - - Parent

Yeah, I asked that no one post video to the internet, but that it was okay to video for yourself. Just thought maybe someone did. Thanks

DavidCain - - Parent

It was great meeting you as well. Yes, traffic almost made me miss the flight. In fact, my travel to and from the fest in general was nightmarish. Delayed flights, traffic jams, customs errors, destroyed baggage, etc..


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