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Sergei -

How to count catches. It is obvious for classic cascade. But what about shower or halfshower? To humble opinion ONE count for these patterns consists of TWO catches. One goes up-outside-inside and second horisontal/vertical respectively. It mean that 50 shower/halfshower tosses equal to 100 catches in the cascades. Or I am wrong?

Mats1 - - Parent

Catches are always catches (except in showers* and multiplex** it seems). 100 catches of a 3 ball half shower will be 50 balls landing on the right, and 50 on the left.

*For some reason, in showers specifically, people sometimes only count high throws. I have no idea why and think that is inconsistant.

**Multiplexing can get complicated. Do you count every catch of every ball? Or is a multiplex throw only worth 1 catch counted? How about squeeze catches? There seems to be no standard agreed upon here at all.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

When I talk to people about showers (rarely) I usually speak of double catches, that way everyone knows straight away what I'm trying to say. 10 double catches = 10 left handed catches...

The Void - - Parent

For lots of pattens, where it feels sensible, people count ROUNDS or CYCLES instead of "catches". e.g. "I got 2 rounds of 7531, but John's best of 10 is still way off for me."


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