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Topics: New member, passing convention coming soon
Hi there,
I'm Nicki, a passer from Germany.
I'm not new to juggling, but new here on the edge, to keep our Club in Göttingen up to date and I would like to announce a small private passing convention, which will take place right after CATCH, during the time of the EJC (7/27-8/4).
You can't afford to fly to the EJC, but You want to have a good time with a lot of passing? You can do 7 Clubs 3-count and more and You like to do crazy passing patterns? Then You will enjoy the week in Göttingen. It's just 25€ per night, including sleeping, eating and juggling 24/7, because everybody helps with the cooking, cleaning, giving workshops and so on.
For further information write an email to goejong(at)gmx(dot)de.


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