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bad1dobby -

Salerno ring plus...

A trick I've not seen before - an antipodism version of the Salerno ring, but with an added twist...

trick is at 41m6s, full act starts around 39:15

(Q: what do you do when one antipodist just isn't enough? A: you get eight of them, in sync!)

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Nice find!

Little Paul - - Parent

Finally got around to watching this, and I really like the twist!

I don’t stand a hope in hell of learning it, so I’ll just have to find someone who does... hmmm...

JonPeat - - Parent

Oooooh, pick me pick me!

Little Paul - - Parent

I think you could probably learn it before Tiff

(Now to tell Tiff I think he could learn it before you....)


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