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Anthony Trahair -

Hello!!! This is my first post here so thanks for reading!!!

This coming year I'm organising a fluidjuggling workshop tour in Europe!

Anthony Trahair - - Parent

It seems to have trunked my message

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi Anthony!

Fluidjuggling sounds very interesting. Is that really, you're pouring fluids in motion, long distance pouring while turning, dancing, and blindfold and such? Can you juggle egg-yolks? ;o}=

Anthony Trahair - - Parent

Sorry I didn't see your reply until now 7b_wizard :)
That could be cool, especially if it were liquid nitrogen.

Here I'm referring more to fluid movements, juggling more connected to the juggler, more expressive...
I wrote an article on EJuggle:

7b_wizard - - Parent

Great article! A difficult topic to word, but you nail it, and well thought through, and in vivid pictures, and in an integral way of viewing things ( including drops, stillness, meditation concepts, dance, warmup an' all). More key-notions come to my mind, like maybe countermovement, and freestyle, however these might relate.

[ here, have a hashtag: #fluidjuggling, and I'll add #flow and #freestyle ]

Anthony Trahair - - Parent

Thanks 7b Wizard!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Nice to see you here Anthony :)

Anthony Trahair - - Parent

Hi Daniel, hope all is well with you,
didn't see this message until now :)
Perhaps I need to turn on some sort of email notifications??


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