So who on here, besides myself, is going to the CATCH Festival later this month?

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DavidCain -

So who on here, besides myself, is going to the CATCH Festival later this month?

lukeburrage - - Parent


mike.armstrong - - Parent


Scroll down at for some more

The Void - - Parent

#catch2018, you mean? Why yes, I'll be there.

Tom Derrick - - Parent

I'll be there from Tuesday evening. Sadly I couldn't get the time off work for the whole event.

Little Paul - - Parent

Yup! although we didn’t realise there was stuff happening in the evening on the Friday when we booked accommodation and cat sitting - so we’ll be leaving before the end :(

Looking forward to finally meeting you after all these years, and hopefully finding out what ball spinning is like with your cheating-saggy-balloon-things-that-aren’t-really-balls :P

Topper - - Parent

I'm going.
LP Will you be taking your golf clubs?

Little Paul - - Parent

It seems likely, I’ve not really had a go with them for ages though!

DavidCain - - Parent

I have new info on the origins of the golf club trick.

Topper - - Parent

That would be interesting.
I will have mine and i'm sure Tiff will have his.

Little Paul - - Parent

Does anyone know if Charlie Holland is coming, or if he could be persuaded to bring the golf clubs that he's got?

I don't appear to have any contact info for him any more so can't ask him directly :(

The Void - - Parent

I've pointed him at your post.

The Void - - Parent

Rumour has it that a) He's forgotten his Edge password, b) He'll be at Catch, and c) so will RM's clubs.

Little Paul - - Parent

Doh! Hurrah! And extra hurrah! :)

Rosie - - Parent

Im going!

Glad to see so many golf club balancers are going... :D

Regarding Friday evening: there is entertainment, a circus film will be shown, there will be food too. Also during the day food stalls and local vendors will be out in force. It will be in Appleby itself instead of up on the convention site, I didnt really organise it, I just suggested they do something, told them what film, and why and how, and then they are running it, which is why at first i never said anything was happening on the friday incase it didnt come off.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all there!

Llama_Bill - - Parent

I'll be there but unfortunately I won't be bringing any golf clubs.

Monte - - Parent

I'll be there.
I won't be bringing golf clubs but will bring wiff waff bats in the hope that there will be a table to play on...

charlieh - - Parent

We'll be there - and me and Jamie Fletcher are planning to make some crazy props (we're bringing some tools and materials and ideas, most of which involve balancing stuff on faces). We're hoping you'll be interested David, and that LP and Charlie Holland and others are too...

DavidCain - - Parent

Of course I'm interested!!

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

I'll be there late on Monday, but of course goff is a game reserved for the feeble of mind and other simpletons so I'm not going to bring any goff bats with me. I've tried LP's though, and they're bastard difficult! What's the bloody point of that then, eh?

Not gonna lie, I'm really looking forward to it, so it had damn well better be good! As usual I will bring a large bag'o'juggling-shite which I will not bother using, plus a guitar and much booze which definitely will get used.

Monte - - Parent

OK, I've been working on my menus and have the evening meals worked out.
There will be a full English breakfast from 9 o'clock and a range of lunches every day too.

Mon eve
Steak and ale pie (Suffolk Red Poll from farmer Paul) with mash, carrots and green cabbage.
Spinach and cream cheese roulade with new potatoes and salads (GF + vegetarian)
Veg' chilli, rice and tortilla chips (vegan + GF)

Thai style chicken curry with noodles and salads
Veg' lasagne with garlic bread and salads {veggie)
Veg' hotpot with roasted med' veg' (vegan + GF)

Cottage pie (Hulver farm beef) with peas and roast parsnips (GF)
Sweet potato and chick pea curry with rice and veg pakoras (vegan + GF)

Loin of pork in a cider, mustard and apple sauce with mashed potato, braised red cabbage and green beans (GF)
Mushroom Stroganoff with rice and salad (GF)
Red lentil cottage pie with peas and carrots (vegan + GF)

JonPeat - - Parent

The more things I find out about CATCH, the more excited I am for it!!!
Great menu!

Dee - - Parent

I am expecting ​big things​ from your review Jon! (mainly because they remind me so much of how my dad describes his holidays)

peterbone - - Parent

I'm going. You can see who else is going from the Event page, although not everyone may have added themselves.


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