I haven't been putting my 7ball records for a long time so after I did that…

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Simeon -

I haven't been putting my 7ball records for a long time so after I did that run of 63 catches, I went on to do 84 catches at the first gandini workshop that took place in Manchester. it wasn't until 3days ago that I hit 100 catches of 7 balls and my goal was to hit 100 catches by 2019 christmas and I actually hit it at 28 of June 2018. Then yesterday I broke 2 personal records for 7 balls the first one was 112 and the second one was 126. Had lots of time to juggle the last few days as I have been lucky enough not to have an homework from school to do.
Have a great day everyone.

The Void - - Parent

Nicely done, congrats!

Simeon - - Parent

Thanks very much. How many catches can you do with 7 balls or however many you can juggle and what's your high score for example it could be 20 catches with 5 balls or 100000 catches with 100 lol

The Void - - Parent

I gave up on 7 balls over 14 years ago. My best was 36 or 38, I can't remember exactly. I tried again in May for a laugh, and managed 8 catches several times.
6 balls - don't know, probably less than 100.
5 balls - don't know, pretty sure I did >500, 20+ years ago.
I don't really go in for endurance these days.

Simeon - - Parent

Oh I see. I wished you hadn't given up on 7 balls, wish you lots of happy juggling to come. Great talking to you.

7b_wizard - - Parent


Simeon - - Parent



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