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holyguyver -

Could anyone possibly tell me where I could buy, or exactly how I could make, a spinning carpet? My juggling group has an antipodist who would like to learn how to spin carpets with her feet.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thick heavy cloth in your preferred shape (circle, square, star). For feet you can go quite big, maybe 80cm to a meter diameter?
Sew a weighted chain in the edge, like the one you use for curtains.

It's possible to sew a ring of thick rolled up fabric in the middle (20cm diameter) which makes spinning easier, your feet would stick in the ring.

I'm not an expert, but friends of mine are and I've watched them closely....

Good luck!

holyguyver - - Parent

Thank you for your wonderful advise.

Rosie - - Parent

we made one out of an old towel


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