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Bekka -

Does anyone know where I can get a smaller (36") manipulation cube ?


Orinoco - - Parent

A quick browse suggests that most online retailers are all selling the same cube which look like they are being made by a Taiwanese manufacturer primarily for looks like it only comes in 2 sizes as standard, 4ft & 5 ft.

However, it is probable that the this prop is low volume enough that requesting a custom size might not be that much more expensive. Also seeing as most places appear to be out of stock now might be an excellent time to get them to make a special cube out of any off cuts they may have. Can't hurt to ask them.

I'm surprised a smaller cube isn't available as standard. I also think double cube spinning would look pretty neat.

Bekka - - Parent

Thanks for this! I guess it's not popular enough at this point to have many variations.

The Void - - Parent

I don't know, but I liked the fact that the index view truncated your post so that it read...
" Does anyone know where I can get a smaller (36") "
...which started me thinking about parallel dimensions, and suchlike. :-)


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