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JonPeat - - Query

Hi All,

Whatever happened to the email redirect service?

The most recent discussion I can find about it took place here:

Firefox will not let me follow the link the website as it is 'unsafe'.

I would like to create a redirection account.

How can I make this dream a reality?

Any and all advice gratefully received,
Cheers, Jon

Little Paul - - Parent

Will Firefox let you go to

If not, the most relevant bit of the page is:

To sign up for your free email diversion package, simply send an email to telling us what you would like your Juggler.Net email address to be (eg your name, and the email address you want your email forwarded to. - Easy!

JonPeat - - Parent

Very helpful, thank you Little Paul!

Exactly what I needed.

Cheers, Jon

York Jugglers - - Parent

Ooh! We have a question too:

We noticed when we mistyped the url, that the url redirect is case sensitive; ie works, but doesn't.

Is there any way to turn off this case sensitivity or do we need to set up and etc to all redirect to the Leeds Juggling Concention website?

Tried e-mailing the volunteers a while ago, but not got a response yet

Oh don't forget Leeds Juggling Convention 17 November 2018*, more infrmation on website

* Provisional date

Little Paul - - Parent

URLs on the internet generally are case sensitive (well, the bits after the '/' are anyway), so what you're seeing is normal, not just for but for most of the rest of the internet as well.

Whether redirects can be made case insensitive depends on how they're done, and it looks like the details I've got for access to the system don't work any more (not surprising, I've not really had anything to do with for several years) so I can't check.

The easiest thing to do would probably be to request multiple variations.

Kelhoon - - Parent

The usual trick is to do something like map all requests to lowercase (e.g. turn /Leeds and /LEEDS in to /leeds) and then redirect to that.

You could also map to upper (LEEDS) or ucfirst (Leeds).

So it's doable, but not common practice because most people just click on links that always have the correct casing.

Mïark - - Parent

I also found the website was blocked at work


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