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rosiejane -

Hello Juggling people!

Would you like to be featured in the new promo film for the #ejc2019 ? or future advertising for the event..? We are currently collecting tiny film clips (10 seconds or so) of people declaring their excitement (mostly!!! ha ha) or love of EJC so that we can edit them into our main promo film and then several much much shorter ones for the future. If you have a minute or two then I will be very grateful to receive your contributions and anyone featured will receive a limited edition tiny enamel gnome juggler badge when you arrive at EJC 2019.

If there can be juggling in it too then that would earn bonus points!

One special request is that if you use your phone then please film landscape (sideways)

Thank you my lovelies and see you all in August 2019 (if not before!!)

email your clips to me -

website is in progress but for the basics right now

Simeon - - Parent

Is it too late to be included in this video?

rosiejane - - Parent

Hi Simeon,

Sorry for the late reply, I don't come here often, but the answer is ' no you are not too late!'

We are doing lots of little ones over the coming months and I look forward to seeing your contribution :D

Thank you X


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