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MakuchA -

Hi there, I'm Anna from Poland. I wonder – are there any jugglers from Poland here?
I am a beginner (started juggling in April '18) and practise with 3 and 4 balls and 3 clubs.
31.08-02.09. I am inviting jugglers for a small meeting in my place ( you will find details in the events calendar.
Hope to meet you one day!

Terix - - Parent

Hello, I am from Czech Republic so likes your neighbour) If I can I will come^^

Mats1 - - Parent

We spend a lot of time in Slovakia, but Jalowcówka is a bit far away (we don't normally go further than High Tatras from Kosice). Hopefully, you can find some juggling friend close, otherwise, you can always come to EJC one year!


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