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7b_wizard -

How do you cope with frustration?
Do you bear it and somehow get along with it, do you ``fight´´ it, do you try to find ``strategies´´ (whatever that might be) against it, do you try to avoid it, do you simply stop and have a break then stop for good that day or that session, do you simply do other tricks instead, do you try to find into a ``mindstate´´ patiently waiting for it to pass by, do you try to find the cause, do you .. well, how or what do you do?

Guili - - Parent

I try to blow out some steam.. haha... I'm not good disguising my feelings..
If, like today, I'm in no good state of mind to confront my frustration, I just call it a day.
Tomorrow might be better :)
Some other times I'm able to stop, clear my head and keep it up. but not today.. haha

7b_wizard - - Parent

^^hehe .. I call them "good for tomorrow days" and be it only killing lifetime doing \trying the pattern ;oD for example in a lax, lazy way if nothing else would go.

.. but then - I've so often had totally sudden very good runs, like a quantum jump right amidst very bad training .. so anything is possible any time, and I wanna be prepared to jump such trains ( and not like do ``fixated´´ within or haunted \cursed by any bad feelings ).

Terix - - Parent

I try to do another tricks and when I have just very bad juggling day, it is very uneasy for me to be calm and continue training, because I am quite a choleric person)) It helps me a lot to take rest, to watch any juggling videos or I love joggling - it is like juggling, but if I want, I can consider it just run)) So I can juggle and feel like I am not doing it :D
I think, I have no idea why is it so, that some days are very good for training, I can make a lot of personal records and some of them are lousy

7b_wizard - - Parent

no idea why is it so, that some days are very good for training, [..] and some of them are lousy

I think, it maybe comes from doing at the limit + (what I more and more observe on myself:) any different conditions - like when doing challenging stuff and not everything is well set, but sth disturbing or wind or cold or queerly lighted background everywhere or simply bad arms, then what you can normally do is simply harder under such conditions. On the other hand, great conditions don't grant for a new PR, not even always for good, fresh practise.

Little Paul - - Parent

My rule of thumb is “if you’re not enjoying it, and no one is paying you to do it, stop doing it”

So if I’m working on something and get frustrated, I’ll stop and do something else and come back to the frustrating thing later or another day.

I do this with all my hobbies, not just juggling. Sure it’s not the “most productive” or “highest return” strategy, but it is the most fun

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yes, sounds so reasonable, .. just .. as soon as you're doing towards a goal, you'll often get into that dilemma of "How bad an ado can I bear and go on trying?!" for the sake of having to walk over stones to get to the stars. [hire a poet, anyone?]

Maria - - Parent

First I try to calm down, take a deep breath, focus and see if I can figure out why things don't work. If that doesn't help, I usually switch to another trick. On a really bad day when it feels like nothing works, I try to do something I have never done before, or at least never been good at and not practised a lot. It could be just a new siteswap, but the idea is that if I have never done it before, I don't expect to get it so I don't get too frustrated by failing. And if I actually get the new trick the whole session feel a lot better. :)

Mike Moore - - Parent

As motivation has yielded to discipline, I find that I find frustration less often. If my performance is poor I'll work on something below my skill level that I'd been putting off.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Thanks for good answers to Maria and Mike too.
______________ ________________ _______________ _________________ _______________ ________________

[answering myself:] I find, there's kind of stages of not doing well .. first, you might just notice, you're not doing as well as you expected or hoped and you can reflect and find out why. .. Then, (if that doesn't help) one might feel awkard or unnerved or become impatient, where one can still analyze and reflect and find a remedy, or else break the trick down to easier patterns, or else check the overall conditions (spot, form, fitness, light, props, preparation). .. Only then, when one is going after a goal that seems the more out of reach the more one is doing bad, doubt and-or deception, then frustration, maybe anger can arise (especially over long periods of stagnation or plateau); without a goal or a distinct intent and the time until one gets it becoming longer and longer, too long, one can simply stop and do another trick or pattern or stop the session or juggling for that day, without a bad feeling of giving up (sort of ``worst case´´ then).

With this scaling from yellow over orange to red alert always in mind, I can adapt or work against how I'm currently doing bad in case, before as of last resort I get into soldiering through [Guilis wording :o)] and simply hoping or waiting for better form or a miracle (that indeed sometimes comes out of nothing by e.g. freshening up, drinking some, e.g. one good run, e.g. a fresh breeze in summer or a mild windstill in winter), or just kill time juggling accepting it as a bad day that's still ``good for tomorrow´´.

So, no, no "frustration" ever, only at most some minor deception that my - admittedly high - goals take so much lifetime to reach them. But I'm not questioning anything before I get there (playful 7 balls cascade).

Guili - - Parent

a bad day that's still good for tomorrow

This right here is the reason why I allways get to the end of my practice routine. Even when I get angry and impatient.
As you say, our goals are high. (I think this is a tendency among jugglers...) we know forehand that it's gonna take a long time. So, in the big picture a bad day doesn't mean anything. as long as you had contact with the element.
And if you run across the repetitions of your routine, even when you don't see results on that day's best runs, it brings you a step closer to the goal.
Hopefully ;)

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yeh, serious regular practise is a bit like work or on duty, you [read: " I "] get your ass up even when you'd like to rather not move on a day or sit for one more tea or coffee and you just don't stop until ``it's time´´, .. just, it's what you love to do and chose yourself. But there's another big difference in that you're doing towards a goal and you want to improve. - Imagine that .. a baker or butcher having to bake one bread or produce one sausage or two more e-ve-ry day hahaha :o))

What ' you mean by contact with the element .. is it "had contact with the pattern, briefly felt how it will be like when gotten down"?

Guili - - Parent

it's something I've learned from my other big world, Music. When You're learning an instrument it's important not to spend many days without playing it. Picking it up at least a few minutes, but having "contact with the element" (in this case the instrument, in our case, the balls, clubs, rings, or whatever prop we use), it's much better than an "empty" day on your practice calendar.

Terix - - Parent

I agree, sometimes I am ill or no time or no possibility so I try to log at least 1 minute, it is better because if I don´t do that, I can spend 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 14, 100 days without juggling as earlier. Now I try to juggle every day with whatever, but just juggle. There were years of my juggling (is it still called juggling or not? :D) when I was juggling for about 5 times a year and now I regret it. I don´t want to regret anymore.

7b_wizard - - Parent

ah, I see. absolutely agreed. it is, though, also a good feeling to be back in after a pause with then newborn fresh spirits :o)        #motivation #plateau #strategies

Guili - - Parent

Yeah.. I guess i did stuff like that too.. now, I don't know about you, but i'm reaching 40... so I can feel my body not having the same stamina, flexibility and stuff like before... so, a whole year, in your 20's it's really worthy, and a pity to waste...

Terix - - Parent

How do you know my exact age? :O :D I am really 20)
I know, but I also feel that I am too old, there are jugglers that in my age were juggling 7 clubs or 11 rings :/
It's never too late, but for professional juggling it is late for me. So I can recommend everybody to train much more or they would regret as me.

Guili - - Parent

haha, I didn't know! I was just saying, "a year in your 20's", like in anybody's 20's.... haha, but I was also talking about me... and if you feel like you're too late, I began seriously training just a couple of years ago, when i was like 33...
I DO juggle since the year 2000, and before, but serious training, just this last few years.
and I don't think I'm too late.. You know why?

I never compare myself to other jugglers (or other people in general), I only measure my own growth with past versions of myself.
Because I don't care about competition, records, being better than others... I only care about being better than "yesterday's Guili", trying to reach my full potential. (see how I log my practice everyday, but i never write down my personal bests on the record page)

ok, proffesional life is though, but if YOU want that for yourself, go for it!


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