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Terix -

There is another thing I would like to talk about - when juggling 4 or 5 clubs, how much spin do you do? With 4 just one or two and with 5 two or three? Is there any difference for you? What is better and easier?
I am training now for 4 (I can´t even qualify now) and I feel that 2 spins are better and with 5 I can´t juggle at all, but I think that 2 spins are not too much - with 5 it is needed to juggle much higher.
So how do you do it?^^

Maria - - Parent

I do doubles for 4 clubs. I might learn to juggle them on singles, too, but I don't practise that very often.

For 5 I'm also trying to do doubles. Have not got more than a flash yet, though.

Terix - - Parent

And for how long do you train?

Maria - - Parent

For how long? Like, how long a practise session is, or how long I have been juggling? (My practise log could give you more detailed answers than I can write here.)

Anyway, I'm probably not the most ambitious jugger, I do want to learn five clubs some day but I'm not in a hurry and sometimes I don't practise it for weeks. I can't juggle five balls yet, either. Four clubs, though, I do every time I juggle clubs (except if it's in my living room).

When I was learning 4 clubs, I made a "mandatory warm up sequence" containing siteswaps with many 4s. I had to get that one at least once before I could practise anything I wanted. (I still use almost the same one as warm up, maybe I should switch to one focusing on siteswap 5 instead.)

Terix - - Parent

So "mandatory warm up sequence" - it was like juggling a lot of tricks with 4 clubs or props in general?
Yes, I was asking about training because not everybody writes on Practice logs every training)
I admire you if you can juggle 4 clubs, do you have any advices please? I can juggle 5 balls, but my record is about 22 sec, I am not a good juggler but I would like to be)

Maria - - Parent

It was a short 3-clob sequence to practise the throws in 4-club juggling. 3333423423441441444044144404413333 if you know siteswap. In the beginning I dropped often and had to try many times before I got that sequence, but I still think it was good warm up for trying 4 clubs afterwards. (I do log all my practise, with varying degree of detail, but I started juggling a few years before I started logging it.)

"lots of tricks with 4 clubs" is still a bit above my level, there are several tricks that I can do quite often but they are not solid.

So, advise for 4 clubs...
I assume that you can juggle 4 balls. Anything you practised to learn 4 balls is probably useful for 4 clubs as well.
Think about the angle of the club. When you do a fountain pattern you want the club to point a bit outwards when you throw it, to get a nice angle for catching it. In cascade, you throw it pointing inwards but catch it pointing outwards since you are throwing it to the other side, so this is the opposite angle while throwing to get the same angle while catching. (Clubs pointing in the wrong direction are hard to catch and more likely to hit your arms.)
Oh, and a friend of mine recommended trying 4c on singles quite soon, too. He says he didn't get 4c solid on doubles until he started practising it on singles, because that forced him to sort out any bad habits and do better throws. (I didn't really listen to this advise myself, I still can't do more than 10-15 catches on singles, but he is certainly a better juggler than I am...)

My record with 5 balls is 7 catches, so you are way ahead of me there. :)

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

I train 4 and 5 clubs frequently. For juggling four clubs, I usually do doubles. For juggling 5 clubs, I train both double and triple spins. This is how I rate the difficulty of those tricks (running for 40 catches):

  • 3 club singles: 3 out of 100
  • 3 club doubles: 8 out of 100
  • 4 club doubles: 19 out of 100
  • 4 club singles: 26 out of 100
  • 5 club doubles: 75 out of 100
  • 5 club triples: 100 out of 100

Terix - - Parent

Thank you for exhaustive answer)) It is exactly what I was asking for) But... Now I have feeling that juggling 5 clubs isn´t possible for me :DD

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Juggling 5 clubs may not be physically possible for you, but I highly doubt that. The main consideration for me when scheduling my 5 club training is recovery. I am large and strong, and my body recovers from injury and exercise quickly because I eat and sleep well. When I train 5 clubs, I can do a lot of repetitions in one training session, and I can train 6 days a week.

If a juggler can only do a few repetitions (like 15 attempts at a 5 club flash) before having to stop for the day, it is going to take more time to learn the trick than another juggler who is physically capable of longer and more frequent training sessions.

Terix - - Parent

So to juggle for longer time at every training it is needed to have all body strong and to have strong muscular arms? I am not still sure where my borders are, but when I try to juggle 4 clubs I have to stop after few attempts because the fell on my wrists and it is very painful.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Increasing strength will allow you to get a few more good repetitions in before it's time to stop. So, in addition to training juggling, it may be helpful to do some resistance exercises to build muscle and gain strength.

From your description, it sounds like you have some problems with your technique that are making juggling a lot harder than it needs to be. Personally, when I am having a good day with 5 clubs, I don't find juggling to be physically taxing. If I am having a bad day, I have to make corrections on almost every throw and that is a lot harder.

Mats1 - - Parent

It's really hard to juggle 5 clubs. If you can't yet juggle 4, expect it to take quite some time! 4 clubs will feel easy when you can do even short runs of 5 clubs.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

Probably 98% of people prefer 5 clubs with doubles as their base pattern. The doubles can be a bit loftier and slower spinning than you might use for 3 or 4. I'm a proficient 5 club juggler, and triples are a challenge for me to maintain for a long time since they're much more tiring and hard to get just right.

Mike Moore - - Parent

As others have said, doubles for 5c is the easiest choice.

I learned 4c in doubles and switched to signles instead once I could do about 30-50 catches of 4c doubles. Now I find singles was easier and more enjoyable (I don't have the patience to do doubles: it takes forever for the club to come down).


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