Hello, I would like to ask a question)

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Terix -

Hello, I would like to ask a question) Maybe there is somebody who has similar problem or who had have similar problem and was able to solve it :D
I juggle 5 ball cascade for about 6 years and there is no progress - my record is 22 sec, but I can´t improve it for a few years already - where is the problem? Can it be that my arms are still weak?
Usually my cascade ends because of collision of balls, it becomes too wide, I am rotating around with cascade, it is too low or any other strange problem. I try to keep my elbows near body and throw it slowlier, but it becomes faster and faster usually, that is a problem too.
Please, can anyone give any advice that would help? I am quite disappointed because a lot of effort and almost no result.

Guili - - Parent

one question: how do you train for it?

I ask because since I first came to the forum I learned I was training without any method, and reading and asking to the people at the forum I got to improve the way I train, and got much better results, for sure!

What was really mind-blowing for me, is the "no-drops policy" and the pyramid training.
the no-drop policy says to Juggle only what you know you can keep in the air, if it's 5 catches, then just juggle 5 catches and collect.
combining with the pyramid:
10 times 5 catches
5 times 10 catches
2 times 20 catches
1 time 50 catches
This pyramid can be "moved up" when you manage to juggle it with little or no drops. Juggle like this every day and you will definetively see progress!
Keep it up and good luck!

Terix - - Parent

Thank you very much^^

Terix - - Parent

I forgot to answer, I usually throw and catch as much as I can, so I will try this pyramid system

Little Paul - - Parent

There are two plateaus early on in 5 balls which have easy fixes.

The first is caused by people concentrating so hard that they hold their breath (without realising it) so make sure you're breathing.

The second is caused by people concentrating so hard that they're forgetting to blink.

Eventually your body makes you do one or the other and your pattern falls apart. So take a step back from the numbers, chill out, and make sure that you're breathing and blinking.

If you're breathing/blinking ok, but are consistently rotating in the same direction, you can either follow it (and worry about correcting the rotation later) or try standing with one foot slightly in front of the other. If you're rotating to the right, put your right foot slightly further forward. If you're rotating to the left, put your left foot slightly further forward.

Terix - - Parent

Thanks a lot!)))

Mike Moore - - Parent

Hah, it's amazing how common those issues are. I had the breathing (and rotating) one with 5b and the blinking one with 7b.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi, are you getting into tensed juggling after those 20 secs, slaving to get more catches when long lost a smooth pattern with swift ado, with then arms rowing a lot? ( which then causes those problems you named )

I got over that phase, where tensions reveal, by ``hunting´´ for the easiest way, e.g. by going to early collects on slightest flaw. But mainly by this: ..

There's a difference when doing from wrist, giving thrust to get on the right height from wrist, aiming the last bit at release from wrist and fingers in a bit of a whippy way - it gives very hazardous throws at first, but one can learn to control these, learn to aim where the balls belong. ( I'm not sure, maybe how you play darts is a compare .. you don't throw with the whole arm lol, but aim and thrust from wrist and focus on where the dart should land. ) [ '.. very hazardous throws at first ..' ] .. but once you've gotten this speedy way of throwing plus aiming it well, it will help a lot for a) finding a smoother way to juggle 5b, b) getting back into that easier pattern after correcting while enduring.
  This is not about having to do wristy all the time while enduring, but about having that way of doing for fast bail out phases to get back to stable pattern without having to fight too much.

I suspect, you can keep a good pattern up for those 22 secs, but you're lacking control, when it comes to enduring, to coping with single throws going slightly astray or the whole pattern drifting.

A good approach is to check all properties of the cascade pattern in their variations: do these exercises with 3 balls ( or with 5b ) to find out, where you maybe have a major skill lacking yet: juggling.tv/16767 It's, the vid, also doing all your problems on purpose (e.g. turning the way round your patterns takes you), and also counteracting them actively (e.g. turning the other way round) to get a hold of them all. You learn to control exactly your problems, pattern's width, it rotating, its height an' all with these exercises.

Terix - - Parent

Thank you^^

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Try to expand your flexibility of dealing with your 5b cascade, it will help you to correct the errors that creep up after a few seconds. Here are the 53 tricks and moves I recommend you train:


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