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Rosie -

CATCH! juggling and circus festival in Cumbria UPDATE

Heres some images about the kids activities happening at CATCH! in July, as well as there being a free play area full of toys and games suitable for ages 0-5 and 5+, there will be a family film shown every day, two kids and family activities every day!

Mix that all in with the balloon room, magic workshops, two shoes a day and the ice-cream truck, well you got yourself a jam packed week with the kids!

Take a look at the poster in the link below for more detail on the activities offered.(scroll to bottom of home page link)

Side note: these activities (although geared towards children) are for everyone, they are fun, craft or outdoor activities we can all enjoy, young children must be supervised, it is not a creche service.

If you have a fun workshop or activity that would suit happening in the Kids Zone at CATCH! email to tell us more

Tickets on sale here:

Richard Loxley - - Parent

two shoes a day

Excellent, no hopping required ;-)


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