Open Letter for Anthony Gatto:

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Guili -

Open Letter for Anthony Gatto:

"Hi there! I'm not sure if Anthony is going to read this, but I felt like I needed to reach out to him.
I've just learned about this company, and it seems to me like a smart investment, but it also seems like not the right place for you.
I'm a juggler too. been a juggler since I can choose my own acts. And never I've seen such a talented juggler like you are.
Of course I do understand your need to provide for your family, so I support you in this new project. But, I hate the fact that you need to do it. The world should give you the retirement you desserve!!
if I could, I'd send you money miself, haha, but I'm a poor music teacher in argentina.
I live in patagonia, where I teach and practice juggling everyday! I'm allmost qualifying 7 balls, wich is a life-long-dream that I'm not stopping untill i get.

Ok, Just that. I really admire you and I wish the world would give you the eldery days you desserve.
A big hug!


So I posted this on anthony's concrete company's site. I'm not sure he'll ever read it, but when i found out about all this I felt so blue... so sad for him... So angry at this fucking world where we circus artists are not given the place we desserve.
I mean, a stupid teen-pop-idol can earn millions of dollars with a simple hit record, and 5 minutes later nobody remembers him anymore, but after 30-something years of career, putting affort, putting your body and your very soul in it, performing on the gratests stages of the world (like vegas and cirque du soleil) you have nothing to show for it....
so sad... the deppresing truth...
The only thing that will keep me going now it's the fact that I don't do all of my practice to make a living, nor to be better than anybody else. I just do this cause I love it, and I want to get to be the best juggler I can be.
so, we circus artitsts, have the responsability to remember the great names of the past. Like anthony, like Rastelli, Cinquevalli, and so many others that played this beautifull game.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Welcome Guili.

Well, that was heartfelt, but possibly also misplaced - Anthony seemed to embrace his new job with great relish once he finally announced his retirement from juggling, and has mostly avoided interviews and suchlike regarding his past as a juggling, focussing entirely on his new job instead. When you are as single-minded as Mr. Gatto appears to be, perhaps it is no surprise that he seems to have immersed himself completely in his new career.

In fact this wasn't even the first time he's turned his back on the juggling world, when he was in his late teens and apparently a bit burnt out he became a landscape gardener for a couple of years before thankfully returning to juggling for a couple of decades in which he systematically demolished most of the big solo juggling records.

Personally I'm thankful that he gave so much of his life to the juggling world, rather than disappointed that he has not given it all. What more does a guy have to do?

What sort of music do you teach? Tangos Argentinos and Astor Piazolla? Or something slightly more imaginative? What instruments do you play?

Guili - - Parent

hi cedric, what you say may be truth, but I also thing you misunderstood me.

I'm not dissapointed of him leaving the game, i'm mad at this world where even one of the greatest of us have to do anything but juggling to feed his family. I mean, I'm sure he isn't begging, lol, but he should be able to just retire.
But I'm not sure I'm explaining myself.
Let me tell you a bit of my story, since you asked about me, maybe I can make it clearer.

I came to El Bolson, a little town amidst the mountains in patagonia, around 12 years ago from Buenos Aires, the city of chaos, temptation and corruption (haha, truly though) and I decided to stay here to study to be a luthier (you know, people who build musical instruments) in a state university, where I also studied cello.
In order to do that, and eat, I had to start working at any job I could find. Since here is not so easy to find a good job, I had to work in construction for several years.
I liked the job, that's not the problem, the thing is that is really incomplatible with the fine work over a violin, or, even more, to play cello.
Anyway, I was happy to do it, cause it let me stay here and study.

But Anthony, he has given it all, I'm not asking anymore from him. I just wish he could be harvesting the fruits of decades of hard work, zipping a margarita in some beach at the caribbean. :)
But yeah... meaybe HE just cant stay still, can he? haha

Me, I teach cello to little children, play percussion in an orchestra and also played the drums in a rock band till recently. Love piazzola, but I don't actually play any tango. more Classic stuff like mozart in the orchestra, and personally with my cello I try to study the bach suites, and expand my horizon playing rock, argentinian folk, or whaterver I can.

Little Paul - - Parent

Anthony strikes me as the kind of person who would drive himself mad trying to sit on a beach doing nothing.

I'm not surprised at all that he wanted to find something else to do with his life (and I'm glad he quit at his peak, before his body started to fail him, as we're left with only his best work rather than a slow descent in his output)

Best of luck to him I say! I hope the change of pace is suiting him.


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