I've been training for 7 balls these last 4 months.

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Guili -

I've been training for 7 balls these last 4 months. At some point I've got sidetracked by other stuff like 6b, bounce juggling and the long-lasting dream of 5 clubs.
now, the question is:

  • Should I focus on 7 balls only untill I get to some level?

  • Or should I keep on training on every front like I am?

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Mats1 - - Parent

Try to dedicate 20-30 minutes of each training session (ideally as close to daily as possible) to 7 balls and you will see good (slow) improvement. All the rest of the time could go to anything. IMO learning 7 balls will make almost all other tricks you are practicing more easy and is one of the big milestones (the biggest IMO) to being an advanced juggler.

Guili - - Parent

thanks man! and I totally agree. these days I've been trying this stuff that got me sidetracked, and I was surprised to see that it was easier for me than I thought.
But I also consider 5 clubs to be one of those milestones... I really want that too. haha

But the advice stands. I will save 20-30 minutes each session for my 7b. thanks!

Mats1 - - Parent

Good luck with it! Be sure to post up your first qualify / 50 catches / 100 catches or whatever you consider a good milestone. IMO 5 clubs will be much faster to learn if you can get 50+ catches of 7 balls.

Guili - - Parent

sure! I'm really close now! the other day got to 13 catches!! (to drop, not collected) but, i'm 1 catch away from qualifying:)

7b_wizard - - Parent


[ no advice - just maybe a take-it-or-leave-it helpful aspect here or there: ]

Doing 7b only is consequent and the direct way, at times stomping through the mud with strong will and decision. You can get (fixated and) stuck without knowing why, so getting feedback or asking what might be going bad, surely spares a lot of ``own investigation´´ (if you even notice that a change is necessary). You then get kinda behind with anything else you want to be able to juggle.
I think this is good for pushing when you feel, you're not far away from a next level that you have already felt while doing and gotten great launches or great patterns or smooth patterns kept up or done in an easier way or anything. Good for pushing smaller part time goals that you think lie near to what you can get soon.

Doing also other stuff with less balls or props or genuinely other stuff (e.g. while skating, or whatever) will make you have improvement and get used to the feeling of achieving something. You get an overall feeling for when tricks are ``ripe´´ or still too hard to spend a lot of time on, instead first breaking it down to their easier parts or elements and get that well done first (in a reasonable logical progression). It's simply fun to discover what all else juggling has to offer. ( But 7b was always my n° 1 priority and I spend the hugest time on them. )

I personally feel best with having my 7b priority ( nowadays 9b when I wanna take advantage of good conditions, in winter indoors, it was 5b rev ), but also always try to do a reasonable (minimum) amount of time for other stuff too.

But there's Haavard Hvidsten who seems to have no plan or doesn't commit to an overall structured practise, but more or less spontaneously takes up props to do whatever he likes in a moment, and it got him to worldclass juggling. And there's that "Gatto practise" doing many tricks a few minutes e-ve-ry sin-gle day. So, there's as many possible approaches to structure or not one's practise, I guess, and you might have to find out what suits you best, what you feel best with.

A'll say "2" .. there's always time for a little ``leisure´´, for playing around with props, or for fast improvement on cool few prop tricks.

For example, at your current level, being pretty comfortable with 6b so far, I'd think, you can maybe improve on those with only little practise time, while I don't think, completely neglecting 7b can make you improve there ( you don't start where last practise stopped, but you have get into it all over again each time). So, staying tuned at least with a minimum amount of practise time for the improtant tricks, can be another helpful way to cope with wanting several tricks.

Guili - - Parent

As usual, you sound wise beyond your years, but I don't really know how old are you, haha.
so, anyway, thanks buddy! I knew this topic was suitable for a long argument, and it could define my next years of practice, that's why I ask, as you say, to spare some "own investigation".
For years i've juggled without a practice "policy", you know, just like you say Haavard Hvidsten does. but only a few hours a week.
Now i'm practicing every day, with a routine. ok, it is allways changing, evolving, thanks to the input of my dear jugglingEdge palls like you :) but i now feel I'm moving towards something, like in one direction.

Marvin - - Parent

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  1.   Should I focus on 7 balls only untill I get to some level? (1 vote)
  2.   Or should I keep on training on every front like I am? (7 votes)


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