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7b_wizard -

How many juggling (or artistry, magic, object manipulation, whatever got you here) bookmarks (or: browser "favourites"), text or vid or also to software, anything "juggling", do you have?
.. and including secondary links that you keep for e.g. juggling background only or mainly ( e.g. learning theory, anatomy, history, showbizz, artistry in general, programming of juggling, etc. ).
[ no need to count, a rough estimation will do ]

  1. none.
  2. 1 to 5.
  3. about upto 15
  4. around upto 25
  5. 25 - 50
  6. 50 - 100
  7. 100 - 200
  8. MORE
  9. unclear, too fuzzily defined to tell, too much overlap (e.g. "browser\\offline", "juggling\\non-juggling\\artistry\\..", sources of any kind)

[ °wow° .. what a parentheses' mess once again lol - sry for that, but tried to make it halfway defined, un-misconceivable, able to nail, to find oneself in it, represent many ]

This is a competition thread which ran from 4th Jun 2018 to 11th Jun 2018. View results.

Mike Moore - - Parent

146 videos listed under my Youtube playlist "3b juggling ideas" alone, then many of my favourites are juggling. I also have a Mendeley account with a juggling folder for any academic articles on Juggling.

Much of what I do for fitness/nutrition are also for juggling, so I think I'll be in that MORE category!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I've just tried to count the juggling videos in my youtube playlists, and estimate them to be around 360... That's definitely the most important source of 'bookmarks'. I don't tend to save written texts on the internet after I've read them (I save them if I want to read them later), as I can nearly always find them again through google using words I remember. Finding videos again is much harder as you search using text to find moving images....

Mike Moore - - Parent

I save the academic journal articles because they're typically behind paywalls. I have access to them at the moment, but not for too much longer.

Marvin - - Parent

This competition has now ended with 8 votes cast. The results are:

  1.   none. (1 vote)
  2.   1 to 5. (1 vote)
  3.   about upto 15 (0 votes)
  4.   around upto 25 (0 votes)
  5.   25 - 50 (1 vote)
  6.   50 - 100 (1 vote)
  7.   100 - 200 (1 vote)
  8.   MORE (3 votes)
  9.   unclear, too fuzzily defined to tell, too much overlap (e.g. "browser\\offline", "juggling\\non-juggling\\artistry\\..", sources of any kind) (0 votes)

7b_wizard - - Parent

Thanks all for voting!

I said 200, maybe a bit more, but I don't think notably more.

Apart from the examples already mentionned in titlepost, I have - of course - video-links, mostly numbers, then like teaching offers' homepages (even from other sports like tennis as a compare), in several categories, like prop-shops, sewing own balls, siteswaps, records pages, scientific e.g. biokinematics e.g. perception, a mostly empty "going pro" folder with undercategories "ship, street, therapeutic, circus-school, varieté, camp-workshopping, possible sports that juggling is possible compensation or exercise for, and more such mingle-mangle.


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