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7b_wizard -

Which tricks or exercises can you suggest to do while watching soccer World Championship?
Not sure, the question makes any sense, as it's obviously individually different, but what would you choose to do viewing peripherally only?

3b cascade is - of course - no problem (even a bit unchallenging). Tried it with 5b cascade, but still getting several drops there. Maybe inv box, but I'm not sure it's safe, but will try. Contact's Butterflies are surely an option, maybe sth horizontal with both hands ( but that could roll right across my view on the soccer game ). Not sure about 1c flourishes.

A challenge lies also in looking at the game but not awarely seeing it for being actually focussed on the periphal juggle.

Which patterns do you have experience with, looking through them like also at an audience or a passing partner or when talking to someone [can't say "chatting" anymore lol] while juggling? Are there patterns ``naturally apt´´ for it?

Little Paul - - Parent

If you’re committed to sitting on your arse staring at the tv for several hours over many weeks (instead of doing something productive) then there is only one trick.

Ball spinning.

It takes several hours of frustrating practice to learn to spin a ball, and it’s best learned when you’re thinking about something else anyway.

Little Paul - - Parent

If you want some tips about how to learn it - try this video:


7b_wizard - - Parent

"BALL SPINNING" .. OH YEAH! .. cool.
No, not "sit on my arse" but standing facing the monitor ( if that makes a difference to what you meant lol ;o)

7b_wizard - - Parent

( I can do it already, but not keep it up very long, not more than a few, 3-5 seconds )

Guili - - Parent

haha good question man!
I guess it mostly deppends on the match...
I mean, we argentinians usually have hard-on.the-heart matches, not suitable for cardiacs, but the jitters on a group stage match has no comparisson to a semi-final... you know what i mean?
but i did like paul's suggestion of a spinning ball.

7b_wizard - - Parent

^^hehe .. yeah! .. but the group stage can always be good for a surprise and some all-or-nothing matches .. maybe a team gets disqualified and a no-name will enter by wild card and get the title ( Denmark once won the European Championship like that haha ).

Mike Moore - - Parent

I watched How I Met Your Mother mostly to learn BBB. I can now do BBB.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Great idea, but too many levels beyond what I could do halfway dropless. Pinball Style is a strong option now that you said that, though! .. wow, I'm getting a whole sheduled agenda for this! ( I'll have to rewatch one game or other in the late night-repeats, to keep up with my plans )

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. when I had just shut my PC down after posting, I ´´saw´´ the box and 441 and related patterns and exercises (like e.g. 2b-01414) would naturally fit right around the monitor .. !? ( I could then even fit the side, a pattern goes towards, to which way left\\right, attack\\defense, the soccer match is currently going, to who's got the ball now ).
If only my behind the back catching weren't so droppy .. that would be a fun 2b exercise without having to look anyway!


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