Anyone has any good tips on fixing old bad habits?

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Hermit Of Masada -

Anyone has any good tips on fixing old bad habits? my left shower is bad and its holding me back big time... can't do L 5551, so i can't do 555145551 for example (and my box is ugly). i hold my left hand a bit higher than my right so i throw up and catch it really hard.

Little Paul - - Parent

Step 1 - identify *why* it’s bad, which throws are causing the problem? It can be helpful to video yourself and watch it back, but don’t just do this from one angle. You’ll see different things wrong filmed from the side than you will from the front

Step 2 - see if you can isolate just that throw and find a way to practice it outside the pattern. If you can practice that throw in isolation do so (even if that means spending time with one ball, making a single throw and assessing what went well/badly)

Find other patterns that use that use that throw and play with them too.

If the problem is with the rhythm rather than the throw, counting out loud or tapping your foot helps

Step 3 - suck up the fact that breaking s bad habit takes more work than learning it in the first place and put the hours in

Step 4 - profit!


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