Juggler's tennis.

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Sergei -

Juggler's tennis.
Enigma for the beginner (me). My deepest gratitude to 7b_wizard who adviced to practice Shower on incline surface. I guess not very useful for the Shower, but it works perfectly well for Tennis )) I have got the feeling of the pattern in 10 minutes using beanbags and inlined list of cardboard. Any other ideas with Tennis ?

Hermit Of Masada - - Parent

Interesting that you find shower easier than tennis. I think its harder.
You can try siteswap 423 where the 3 are reverse, its known as real tennis. But i think you might want to learn other 423 variations first. (If 423 doesnt mean anything to you, you might want to read about siteswap)

Sergei - - Parent

I guess I am practicing 423 as "W" variation and it works well for me. Currently working on various 2 in 1 to be able to do other forms of 423

7b_wizard - - Parent

Have you seen this: http://www.libraryofjuggling.com/Tricks/3balltricks/JugglersTennis.html
The 2.nd animation with the black ball shows best how it's   normal--normal--overthrow--a.s.o.   ( overthrows in a 3-beat ) and because that overthrow is higher, it makes sense to also throw \release it from higher (else it will land too late).
Lib'O'Jugg suggests to train those overthrows in a slower tact, only once in a while from normal cascade (3.rd animation).
An overthrow is not(!), and not to be confused with an usual reverse throw that flies to and lands near the middle (or: inside), but it flies over the whole pattern to the outside of catchhand.
And, hey, why not indeed use a different ball (or Paint It Black) for those overthrows!?

Sergei - - Parent

Thanks a lot for explanations. Of course, I am using different color over-throw ball to be sure I am on the right track. I guess I have to work more on the incline cardboard to be sure my hands do the pattern without thinking. Tennis is pretty funny and nice looking trick. What a pity I began learning juggling at so old age (( I expect it will takes me twice more time to master simple routines (Cascade, RC, HS and Tennis)

7b_wizard - - Parent

twice more time .. don't underestimate, how understanding what goes on, and the flexibility of a lot of general experience and wisdom, will hopefully keep you from waisting a lot of practise time on inefficient practise ( I'm only about ten years younger and - too stubborn on 7b - still doing that wrong lol )

Sergei - - Parent

Probably I am not seriously motivated for Juggling and don't see very attractive goals. Surely I don't want to become a "great juggler" )) In my twenties I was pretty good in weight-lifting, in my forties I have got 4 DAN (grade) black belt in Shotokan karate , in my sixties I have got International Chess Master Dyploma (FIDE) in blitz chess online. It surely were very tasty goals ))) I guess I am doing "recreational juggling" and it is very useful activity for total body coordination. Some psychological rewards in form of small achievements as "I was able to do 11 catches in Shower". At this moment I am practising 2-in-1 practice and it is great to feel my clumsy hands slowly getting more and more dexterity. Probably good "recretaional juggler" (up to the Box) will be reasonable goal for me ))

Maria - - Parent

When I started juggling (at age 30), my main goals were "become good enough to impress friends and family", "juggle torches" and "learn club passing". I don't know how impressed my friends and family are (they are kind of used to me juggling by now), but I can juggle torches a little bit and I do club passing twice a week.

Now my main goal is to become a good club passer. Actually... The main goal is to have fun with friends, but for me, that involves doing lots of club passing. So I want to be a good club passer to be able to participate in all kinds of crazy passing patterns. :)

Other goals are to learn 5 balls, then 5 clubs, and doing more partner juggling/passing with the two colleagues that sometimes juggle with me at the lunch breaks.

Sergei - - Parent

Doing torches at night ... really impressive


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