The Guelph Juggling Fest is shaping up really nicely.

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Mike Moore -

The Guelph Juggling Fest is shaping up really nicely. Some parts that are rare for regional (and sometimes larger) festivals. I'm hoping these things go over well, but am worried that attendence will still be low. Any advice on bringing in more jugglers or making the fest better (what are some of your favourite weird parts of fests that I could reasonably recreate?) is much appreciated.

World record challenge: beat existing or set new world records. $100 cash prize for each category (also prizes for 2nd and 3rd)

Relaxation station - watch any of a huge selection of classic (e.g. 3b different ways), pay-for (e.g. Gumball), or rare (e.g. Murakami's 2008 JJF act) juggling videos

5k joggling race - organized by the IJA's joggling coordinator, any records are considered official

Used prop table - sell that stuff you never use, make another juggler happy

Make your own cigar boxes workshop - make your own commercial-grade (IMO better) cigar boxes. We ask for $20 for materials, which makes this easily worthwhile even if you're looking to resell them. Decoration materials also provided, including woodburning equipment!



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