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Stephen Meschke -

Juggling Club Drop Simulation

Using this Pygame tutorial, I created a club drop simulation. In the simulation, I successfully dropped and balanced a club several times:


There are an infinite amount of ways to drop a club and have it bounce back up and balance on it's end. A club is most likely to bounce back up into a balance if it has enough energy to rotate backwards (1) 180° or forwards 180° (2).

Guili - - Parent

any chance of actually doing it?
would look really good!

peterbone - - Parent

Here's one recent example.

Guili - - Parent

wow! that's awesome!
haha, not on purpose anyway.. haha but it counts

Maria - - Parent

It happened to me once, too. Dropped while juggling 4 clubs, reached for a club that bounced but noticed that it was almost standing still on the end, waited and it stayed there. I have no proof, though, I was the only one who saw it.

Guili - - Parent

so.. it's doable... I mean, it can be trained.. right?
would look soooo good to do it while juggling

Maria - - Parent

I don't know, I have never heard of anyone being able to do it on purpose. I mean, with a reasonable success rate. I have heard of people trying for hours without getting it though... On the other hand, it might be that nobody actually tried to learn it. Maybe Stephen's simulations says something about how well mathched the clubs speed, rotation and angle while hitting the floor has to be for it to work. My guess would be that it's too many parameters that has to be just right. Also, what kind of floor you are standing on might affect the bounce...

peterbone - - Parent

I've seen people at the BJC sitting in a circle trying to bounce the club into a balance on the floor. At least some of them got it. I've seen at least one video, but can't find it now.

The Void - - Parent

How about during a performance?

Little Paul - - Parent


Blimey, internet video has come a long way in the last 10 years

Guili - - Parent

precisely my point!
once I saw a documentary about varietes in the US in the 50's. it showed this guy, a "hat, kane & cigar juggler" (don't know any better way to put it) he said that everything is trainable. and he actually got a number where he threw a matchbox, with a match and a cigar on it, from his foot, in the air the match lights itself against the box, and he catches the cigar in his mouth and the match falls on balance on the tip of the cigar, and then he actually lights up the cigar and smokes!!
so... yeah.. with enough time to spend, you can probably get an acceptable succes rate, but... how's the balance between the hours of practice and the reward? (says the guy who's been obsessing with the 7 balls for the past 3 months... :) )


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