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AnnaBod -

BJC survey

Hi all,

I've put together a survey aimed at people who attended BJC this year. Please fill in if you have a chance.

This is to help future organising teams convince towns and venues that we are a worthwhile event - one of the ways of doing that is by showing we spend money in the local area! Your answers will also help future teams to improve BJC, and help work out what is worth spending money on.

Already really interesting data coming out of it. Rough calculations so far (scaling up the respondees total spend on attractions and accommodation to the number of over 18 attendees) indicate that this year's BJC was worth at least £25.5k to the local area. That is a good number to present to local councils/tourism boards etc.

Orinoco - - Parent


Is there a deadline for responses? Will we get to see the results.

AnnaBod - - Parent

I am enjoying the comments section of the form very much. Whoever it was that completed it most recently is my favourite comment so far ;-)

So I'm planning on a couple of reports... one very much aimed at local councils and tourism bureaus with the spending jugglers do and local impact we have, and the other for BJC orgs about what people want and don't want from a BJC.

The most sensible place to put these is the BJC wiki, so that's where they'll go.

AnnaBod - - Parent

Deadline... a couple of days? I need to write up before this baby arrives, which is anytime from now!

furlisht - - Parent

Done! For the question "will you come next year", you could add an option to specify "No because of EJC". I myself would come back in 2020 because there is no EJC there!

Mïark - - Parent

It cannot be guaranteed there won't be an EJC in the UK in 2020, the vote to decide where EJC 2020 hasn't taken place yet.

Mïark - - Parent

>>>> where EJC 2020 = where EJC 2020 will be,

furlisht - - Parent

Indeed you are right! We'll see ;-)

AnnaBod - - Parent

Closing this at the end of this evening, so fill in if you can :-)


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