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It's Him -

Walking Globe trick ideas requested

Most of you will remember that I asked for ideas for tricks on the walking globe a while ago. For those people who watched BYJOTY this year you will have seen some of where that has led. Bearing this list of tricks that I will post below in mind, what other ideas can people suggest? You will gain my thanks for any usable ideas which aren't just perform (Other prop) on walking globe.


Tricks in show:

Leap mount of walking globe (other mounts are available)

Jumping between two walking globes

Passing two hoops around the body in opposite directions

Skipping/Backwards Skipping/Crossed-Arms skipping on globe

Double skip dismount

Mounting a spinning globe and then staying on it by a) moving feet and b) not moving feet

Walking on two globes at one time

Performing a 1up 180 whilst on two globes

Under the leg juggle whilst on two globes

Turning 4 ball half shower whilst on globe

5 ball multiplex followed by 5 ball flash on two globes.

Tricks not in show but done elsewhere

Frog balance on globe

skipping whilst on 2 globes

jumping onto 2 spinning globes

no handed standing to sitting to standing

collecting 3 ball from floor whilst sitting (standing tried and not close)

one footed stand on globe (very difficult)

2 person 1 globe facing same way, facing each other and with one person turning

3 person 1 globe

4 person 1 globe (so far only for a few seconds)

moving globe by jumping

lying flat on globe

forward roll over globe

probably a bunch more I've forgotten

Orinoco - - Parent

I'd like to see someone do a pommel horse circle on a walking globe

7b_wizard - - Parent

Is it maybe possible to use it like a trampoline and to slightly jump and fall into sit-jump back to stance?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Ouch. I think you're confusing walking globes with those Swiss inflatable aerobic balls... You'll find that walking globes are incredibly hard and sturdy, one would not want to fall with their buttocks on those...

7b_wizard - - Parent

ah 'kay.

Mïark - - Parent

Handstand with each hand on a different walking globe, as seen at Manchester BJC (photo on page 3 of The Catch magazine)

It's Him - - Parent

From the hand positions this looks faked, as in the globes would roll away if they weren't stuck in a hole. However handstand on a walking should be possible (and eventually two globes) just possibly not by Peter.

Thanks Miark.


Buck Rudder - - Parent

Just seen this wonderful act the other day

It's Him - - Parent

Really nice little act. I enjoyed that and whilst I think I've seen virtually all the walking globe skills in other acts it's good to see them all put together well.


bad1dobby - - Parent

Nice clip. Thx for sharing.


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