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Orinoco -

Parsnips & Pancetta

We haven't had a good simple camping recipe for a while. I've been enjoying this quick & easy recipe at home for a while but hadn't had a chance to do it 'in the field' so to speak. It was a little bit fiddly peeling the parsnip with my small knife but nothing too taxing, I might have to add a proper peeler to my camping kit. If you want to keep it a one pan meal swapping out the pasta & adding chopped onion when you fry the pancetta also works well.


olive oil
parsnip (finely sliced)
butter (optional (not optional))

Boil the pasta in salted water, set aside.

Fry the pancetta with the rosemary in a splash of olive oil for 2 minutes.

Add the sliced parsnip, cook for 3 minutes or so until it has softened, stirring regularly.

Add the pasta & mix well. Stir in a knob of butter at this stage until melted if you've got it.

#recipe #camping

Little Paul - - Parent

Mmm... sounds nice. Might have to give that one a go not-in-a-field.

Seems like it could take a nice robust cheese on top as well... but then so do most things!

Squibly - - Parent

I don't know if it counts as a #recipe - but more people need to know about Toilet Paper Mackerel.

Get a tin of mackerel in oil
This can scorch the grass. Think about where you're putting the tin down.
Remove lid.
Take two pieces of *clean* toilet paper and fold over.
Place on top of the mackerel so that the oil soaks into the paper.
Light the corners.
About 15 minutes later the oil will all have been used up. Carefully peel the ashen wick off. Your Toilet Paper Mackerel is ready.

I eat it with red onion, avocado and bread.

david - - Parent

Great idea - thanks for sharing. I searched for a video and found several for tinned tuna. Here is one that used the fire to heat a can of beans. Onion and avocado sounds great too.

Orinoco - - Parent

That is amazing!

Now that you've posted this I feel we suddenly need to put more effort into fire breaks at convention campsites!

david - - Parent

I just tried it, toilet paper tuna that is. My local Miami supermarket only had mackerel in water.

It went as advertised and was delicious, and I don't ordinarily like tinned tuna. It was warm and slightly smokey flavored.

Whilst watching the process I remembered "tin can cookery" from my youth. This link describes it, the flaming toilet paper tuna could replace what they call a burner. The flaming tuna/mackerel is similar to a sterno can.


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