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Terix -

Please please any advices for passing clubs back to back? (1:23 - 1:46)
Is there anything special to do - like looking to the sides, special kind of throw or the point is just in a lot of practising (probably helmet required :D)?

7b_wizard - - Parent

no idea .. "know where to aim"? (somewhere above yourself) .. ( is how I do my 5b all ups 180° ) .. check where your throws come down where there's a mirror (or window front of a gym)?

david - - Parent

Talk to your partner.

A simpler set up is a line of three with the middle juggler facing the first juggler and doing back drops to the third juggler. The third juggler makes a long pass to the first juggler. The first makes a short pass to the middle juggler and the middle one does the back drops. The third juggler provides feedback to the middle juggler.

When two can throw reliable back drops and have experience scatching them, they can try back-to-back.


Scott Seltzer - - Parent

I always felt that 7 clubs back to back was easier than with 6 clubs. 6 club doubles has a lame rhythm with awkward pauses between the passes. 7 clubs just feels better.


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