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Guili -

hi there fellow jugglers!
I've been training 7b for the last few months. I feel currently at the edge of pulling it off. and I was wondering how long it took other people to get it.
so here, my first poll. hope i make it right...

How long it took you to qualify 7 balls?

  1. a few months

  2. a year

  3. a few years

This is a competition thread which ran from 6th Mar 2018 to 13th Mar 2018. View results.

Mike Moore - - Parent

From what reference?

From when I started juggling? From when I started trying 7b?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Qualifying 7 balls usually takes me about 4.5 seconds..

Guili - - Parent

yeah, i guess i mean time you spent really focused on it.
I've been training allmost exclusevely for 7b this last 2 months, maybe I tried throwing 7 before, but never like this time.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Combining an old FB video and JE data...

My first flash: April 21, 2009. I had been working on it hard since the beginning of that month, and less hard since the beginning of the ~year

My first (maybe?) qualify: Aug 26th, 2009. At least, that's when I have 15 catches logged on the JE records page.

I guess I'll vote for a few months then! I recall that was a pretty juggly summer.

7b_wizard - - Parent

 Undecided between 2. and 3. I wasn't juggling regularly at the time, only when the weather was nice in summers and not even always then.
 I remember endlessly going for a whole launch \flash, then later being round a few rethrows like upto 11 for a long time, and again a long time to to get all balls not only rethrown once but also caught. I think, 3. comes closest.
 I haven't been as fast a learner, as I always thought I were, but being wrong on that kept me going enthusiastically :o) and now I'm looking foreward to knockin' on worldclass'sses door by doing a 7b all up 180° prospectively in a few decades only, you know.

Guili - - Parent

you'll get it! eventually... :)

James Hennigan - - Parent

The gap between my first 7b flash and my first 7b qualify was almost a year (305 days). I wasn't working on it at the time though. All of my attention was on my 6 ball patterns.

Solander - - Parent

I never was that interested in learning 7 balls. I had this idea that I wanted to master a number before going to the next. Mastering, for me, was 500 catches, and I'm not there with 6 yet. :P After a few years I tried flash 7 and got it within not that many tries on a train station, I remember. :P Now I have just below 200 catches with 7 but the qualify took be a few years, I think, since I didn't practice it that much. :)

Marvin - - Parent

This competition has now ended with 10 votes cast. The results are:

  1.   a few months (4 votes)
  2.   a year (1 vote)
  3.   a few years (5 votes)


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