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Luhkoh -

Hi all! New to the edge, but have been lurking the forum here a while. I'm a juggler in the southeast US and have been juggling 3.5 years or so. Just attended the Groundhog festival in Atlanta, and am hoping to go to the IJA later this year. Currently working on some 4b and 5b siteswaps I can do in my apartment, but hoping to get back to grinding out 5 clubs when the weather (and dryness of my backyard) improves :) Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Luhkoh,
Welcome to the Edge. Good luck with the 5-club grind. I gave up on it a few years ago... Realised I no longer had the time/dedication to give it. (Too many props & patterns in the world!)

Mike Moore - - Parent

Fun to see a familiar face from elsewhere, see you at IJA!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome, Luhkoh! .. yeh, winter asks its share.


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