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Ilia Poliakov -

Russian Juggling Convention

Hello, jugglers!
I want to tell you about our festival.
This year we have a rich program. The RJC2018 is bigger than all previous festivals.

On RJC2018 we make 100 workshops and 10 shows: IRC Regionals, WJF Russia, 2 Openstages, Gala show, Fire Gala, Fight Night, Basketball Freestyle Championship, Slackline festival, Unicycle games.

And it's first time, when we make all information in english!

Early Bird Registration until MARCH 5

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Daniel Simu - - Parent

It looks super fun, I hope I can make it once upon a time, but no this year sadly. Good luck!

rosiejane - - Parent

The convention website looks great and nice to be in English too! Although I wonder if you could put some translation on the ticket page. I clicked through to have a look and it's all in Russian - this might be an important place for English so that we know which item to select.

Ilia Poliakov - - Parent

Hi! Thanks for your comment. In every ticket there is info in russian and english.
What we can't change - buttons like Buy (you will see russian "купить")


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