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Real_Ego_87 -

Hello. I am normally not that extremely creative a guy, but last night I appear to have stumbled randomly into your beautiful webforum in a moment of temporary sleep deprivation hysteria. I read part of one thread and quite enjoyed it. You really have an interesting culture here. As it turns out that thread was a couple of years old, which I failed to notice at the time. Therefore the comment I had planned to post there is slightly too irrelevant for my taste especially since I am unfamiliar with the rules here. Instead I will post this short introduction of myself, assuming this is an appropriate place for it. I am a 30 year old hobby musician with far too much time to spare. A small portion of that time I have come to spend juggling, over the last few years. Actually I tried it one summer, learned to juggle three tennis balls in a ridiculous fashion, and then gave up. Then I came back years later, just in the last couple of months.

The reason for my giving up was, in case anyone is interested, that I did not realize you could not juggle 4 balls crossing in a continuous and regular cascade, very little of which terminology I had at that time, and so in confusion and frustration I lost interest.

I have since learned that it is possible to juggle a 4 ball cascade in a 5 ball pattern, which is what I've been doing lately. Upon reading a thread from this forum, from which I learned nothing immediately useful that I can point to, but which I found inexplicably inspiring just in its personality, I went immediately to juggle in the small hours, and performed multiple 4 ball crossing cascade flashes in a row, having only been able to do at most one in a row until that point. For this moment of focus and the joy it caused me I thank you all in excessive formality, and please have a nice day.

Maria - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge, and may your juggling bring you many more moments of joy!

I also learned to juggle 3 balls many years ago, then gave up, in my case trying to learn 3 clubs. Seven years ago I picked it up again. I went to my first juggling convention a few months later and have been hooked since then. The juggling community is a very important part of the hobby for me, so I am happy that you found us here and hope that you will find your way to a juggling convention soon.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Nice post, thanks for sharing your juggling story! I did not realize you could not juggle 4 balls crossing in a continuous and regular cascade .. yeah, that happened to me too, didn't notice that gap that necessarily will appear then, while it's obvious when you divide balls by hands that handle them (which in turn doesn't make sense for uneven ball numbers 3 balls/2 hands = 1.5, then what). Adding a fifth ball then actually made it easier.

Guess, you did 3 balls to music in a beat? There's some rhythm & music to be found in juggling if one wants to look at it that way.

cheers so far, and, yeah, like Maria: more moments of joy! :o)

Mike Moore - - Parent

Wonderful introduction, happy to have you here. I think you'll find the rules here far fewer than expected, with the culture guiding matters far more.

Real_Ego_87 - - Parent

Thanks for your welcomes. I think I will lurk for a while.

Guili - - Parent

hi there! welcome to the egde!
just like you, i had some troubles and doubts in my begginings. i guess that's just part of being self-taught...
In this forum I found the source of knowledge and encouragement i was looking for since i first started juggling.
any doubts, just ask. the guys, and gals, of the edge will help.

also, i suggest you start writing down your practice sessions in the LOG, it's so usefull and motivating!

(too much of a saler's speach? what can i tell..? i just love this site! ;) )


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